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The Improving Nickel Ores Price Cut FeNi Smelters’ Real Profit

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Since Middle of July, the tense ferronickel spot push up its price and the tight condition was more serious after entering August. The steel mills had to continue to raise the purchasing price to buy enough products. Compared with mid-July, the medium and high FeNi price increased by RMB60-70/Ni, and low FeNi price increased by RMB 100/mt. the mainstream ex-works price was listed as below: high FeNi 10-15% was RMB960-980/Ni, medium FeNi 4-6% was RMB960-980/Ni, 6-8% was at RMB 950-970/Ni and low FeNi 1.6-1.8% was RMB2500-2550/mt. even though the improving price encouraged the manufactures, it not brought them much real profit. The main reason was the long-term loss made many of them into cash flow problems. Besides, its major raw materials, like nickel ores price and the freight also increased.
Affected by the improving FeNi market, the nickel ores price also increased much. Compared with Mid of July, the high nickel ores price improved by RMB30-40/mwt, medium nickel ores increased by RMB20-30/mwt and low nickel ores grew by RMB10-15/mwt. Besides, most of the traders saw well of the later market. Some of them hold the stock and offer at a high price. Now the mainstream trading price was: 1.8% 360-370/mwt, 1.9% 400-410/mwt, 2.0% 460-470/mwt, 1.7% 280-290/mwt, 1.6% 250-260/mwt, 0.9-1.1%(Fe50%, water33%) 290-295/mwt, Fe49%, water33% 280-285/mwt, Fe48%, water33% 260-270/mwt.
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