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Some Ferroalloy Enterprises May Develop Much Better by Merger and Reorganization

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On the Ulan Qab Ferroalloy Green Production And Investment Summit, July 8-10, 2015, held by the local government and Chinmetal Information Tech Co., Ltd, Renzhou Xin, deputy director, Department of Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, made a speech, he indicated that, for any industries, such as iron & steel, ferroalloy, energy conservation and environmental protection has always been an important problem.

At present, there are many different kinds of ferroalloys products, for example, manganese (including silicon manganese, ferro manganese), silicon (including ferro silicon, calcium silicon), chrome, which may be bad for this industry development.

At the same time, some ferroalloy products have not been supported by the government and ministry of finance, except for a few kinds of products, such as electrolytic manganese metal. So enterprises should have to depend on themselves. While there are more and more strict rules, indicators and monitoring of laws and regulations about environmental protection aim at ferroalloy industry.

For a long time, iron & steel industry has been more popular, to some extent, which also affects the ferroalloy industry development .In recent years, steel demands reduced by half, while ferroalloy industry accounts for about 4% in iron and steel industry.

So far, enlarge enterprises of ferroalloy industry in China do more and more strong, while mini-medium enterprises become more and more difficult to exist, so merger and reorganization of enterprises is one way to maintain the industry survival. For example, electrolytic manganese metal, less than half enterprises work now. So we suggest that some enterprise should try to establish merger and restructuring awareness.

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