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Steel Mills Attitudes on July Mn Alloys Purchase Arouse Participants Concern

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This week, Chinese manganese alloys market performed comparative calm with unchangeable quotations. Currently, silicon manganese 6517ex-work price is quoted at RMB6,750-6,850/mt and RMB5,900-6,100/mtfor 6014. High carbon ferromanganese 65 is priced at RMB 6,150-6,250/mt.
In recent period, it seems that steel mills attitudes on July manganese alloys purchase arouse more participants concern. Red figure makes alloys suppliers have strong desire to further push up sale prices. On the other hand, since mills have overwhelming advantage in terms of setting the price, traditional slack sale season adds mysterious color to future manganese alloys tendency.
 In practice, after ongoing cutting, more and more manganese alloys producers were forced to shrink output in a bid to level off quotation. It is reported that output of crude steel in China from January to May totaled 325.245 million tons, up by 8% y-o-y, while output of silicon manganese represented 9 % increase y-o-y. Market supply and demand basically keeps balance. Therefore, silicon manganese spot supply is less sufficient than participants’ expectation. Though it is not easy to make mills further lift up purchase price on raw material given poor steel performance recently, huge purchase pressure would bring to another price war between alloys suppliers and steel mills.      
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